Join Us


*  Do you need a relaxing evening all your own?

*  Do you like to sing?

*  Do you like "hanging out" with other women?

*  Do you like to sing for others?

Well, we have just the group for you: Montana Sapphire Chapter of Sweet Adelines, Int'l.  For one night a week, leave all your worries, frustrations, and family at home and spend a couple hours singing good music with old--and new--friends.
We sing our songs in Barbershop harmony.  We sing a wide variety of music--from sacred to popular to fun stuff. 

Okay, just what is Barbershop harmony.  Barbershop is music sung a capella (no accompaniment), in four parts: Tenor (the high part), Lead (usually the melody), Baritone (often the same musical range as Lead but a harmony part), and Bass (the low part).