Bev Thorn

Our Director

Bev has served on just about every committee--choreography, director search, music, etc.--and has been section leader and president of the chapter.  She has arranged and written music for BBS (barbershop singers) and has coached both men's and women's quartets and choruses.  She has been coached by international judges, has dropped her music on the freeway at 2 a.m. and stopped the car on the edge of the road to retrieve it.  (Freeway traffic at 2 a.m. in San Francisco is BUSY!)  She's been in a car with 3 other ladies getting ready for a performance and almost passed out from the nail polish and hair spray being copiously used.

Bev has been the pitchpipe blower for most quartets she has sung with, was a mermaid once, and (most important) married a barbershopper after he and his quartet came to her chapter to sing.  Bev says, "He removed his hat, but I had already been smitten."

In Bev's words, "It is an honor to be able to direct a group of women that I adore, both collectively and individually.  We want to be able to share the joy of our artform with others, so they can feel the love too!  And if they want to be a part of the good times we're having, we welcome them with open arms!"